Ultra ThinLine Contour Pad


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Even the best riders see improved results with an 
Ultra ThinLine Contour saddle pad!

ThinLine products:
Reduce Rider Movement
Protect Horses' Backs
Improve Saddle Fit

* Encourage horses to soften and engage faster
* Non Slip-stops saddle movement
* ThinLine Longer and wider in the seat and flaps than the Ultra
ThinLine Half Pad, Contour Pads fit a wider variety of saddle shapes
and sizes. More protection underneath the stirrup bars for weight
and pressure distribution than the half pads. these pads are
great for intense jumping. This pad will help absorb impact for
round horses tha often have problems with saddle rolling side to
side. Ultra ThinLine is best for riders with good seats and
balanced horses.
Ultra ThinLine offers protection for horse and rider without
adding bulk to custom fitted saddles.

Available in Black or White two sizes:

Regular: Fits most 16-17.5" saddles. This pad measures 25" across
the shoulder, 21" long, and 13.75" in the seat.

Large: Fits most 18"+ saddles. This pad measures 27" across the
shoulder, 23" long, and 15" in the seat.